Water, the clear tasteless substance that is necessary for all life. Why? Water covers seventy-one percent of the earth. That means that what we walk on (land) is only twenty-nine percent of the earth! Although water provides no calories or organic nutrients it is necessary for every know life form on earth. Water is even … More Water

History of Washington D.C. and President James Madison

This paper will discuss two topics in American history. The first is the history of Washington D.C. The second is President James Madison. These are some topics I have learned about. Washington D.C. was not our first capital. Both New York and Philadelphia were capitals before Washington D.C. George Washington appointed a man named Pierre … More History of Washington D.C. and President James Madison

Napoleon Bonaparte

Many think of Napoleon as just someone who came to power, conquered some cities and then died. Well, in a way that is what he did. But it was much more exciting than just conquering some cities and dying. I am going to tell you about this man’s life. When Napoleon was only sixteen he … More Napoleon Bonaparte